205165 (140mm), 205174 (152mm), 205183 (165mm), 205192 (178mm), 205208 (191mm), 205217 (229mm) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply milk filters in 6 different sizes as the following: 140mm Milk Filters, 152mm Milk Filters, 165mm Milk Filters, 178mm

248119 (Black), 248110 (Blue), 248118 (Green), 248116 (Red), 248117 (Yellow) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply Marking Blocks for the harness in 5 colors. Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. These block fix onto the Harness that can mark the ewe

244734 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Tattoo Applicator only with 4 spaces for digits to fit in the applicator. The applicator is easy on hand and durable. Parts can be supplied.

200010 (Black), 202698 (Blue), 202712 (Green), 202703 (Red), 200009 (Yellow) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply Marking Sticks in 5 Colors. These marking stick come in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black. It is a Raidex maxi marking stick with high Q

248109 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Harness to use on a ram to mark the ewe when

244752 (Digits), 244752 (A-Z Set), 244743 (0-9set) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Tattoo Digits, each. It you send a Certificate to Vetnet we give you the number or digits that you need. We can only supply the numbers in sets of 0 - 9. The

204490 (Black), 204506 (Green) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply two colors for the tattoo branding. Black and Green. The green is unique to use on a black head animal.

 Ear Notches / Oormerkers  "U" Large - 204551    "U" Medium - 204542    "V" Large - 204533    "V" Medium - 204542 Vetnet supply Ear Notches in 2 shapes.&

207117   V-Brand Letter (Bold-On) is availible at Vetnet and is used on a Triangle or Straight handle. 

212181 (Triangle)  207108 (Straight) V-Brand Triangle Handle or V-Brand Straight Handle make use of this handles to bold the V-Brand Letter (Bold-On) and mark.

207135 (Straight)  207092  (Triangle)      Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supplie the V-Brand Oven in a Triangle and Straight design to work with the handles and letters that bold-on.

244344   Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the V-Brand letter that is fixed on a handle and can be use to Mark the animal with a single printing. 
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