Syringe Phil 1ml (0.1 - 1ml) - Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Poulty

Syringe Phil 2ml (0.5 - 2ml) - Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Pig

Syringe Phillips 5ml BMV - Bottle Attachedment

Vetnet Code:  248157  (each) Barcode:  9323837002773 Vetnet supply the NJ Phillips 5ml Push Injector & Bottle mount syringe (PAS1149B) that is designed for injectable products only.  Do not use it for a

206363 (15gx½"), 206424 (15gx¾"), 206489 (15gx1"), 206521 (15gx1½"), 206372(16gx½"), 206433 (16gx¾"), 206498 (16gx1"), 206530 (16gx1½"), 206381 (17gx½"), 206442 (17gx¾"), 206503 (17gx1"), 2

201810 PAS819. The Phillips 5ml Disposable Vaccinator is easy to use. Very accurate. Lightweight. Comfortable grip. Cost effective plastic design. Easily cleaned accessible valves. Sterilizable and boiling can be used. Easy off needle nut. For bot

206647 (15gx40mm), 206656 (18gx40mm), 206665 (21gx40mm) Vetnet Veterinary Supplies supply the Disposable needles. The following disposable syringes is available at Vetnet. Needles 15g x 40mm Disposable. Needles 18g x 40mm Disposables. Needles 21g x

200974 Vetnet Supply the Ultra Matic 5ml Syringe that have a solid performance. Stainless steel piston. Continuously adjustable from 0.5ml. Ergonomic styling. This syringes is very comprehensive. The Henke-Ultra Matic syringe is complete 1 syringe

248171 Syringe Roux 30ml L/L Henke Revolver Vetnet supply the Syringe Roux 30ml Luer Lock Henke Revolver that is a metal syringe with a glass barrel.  This syringe has been developed for continuous and robust

203354 (10ml), 203355 (20ml) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the orange syringe that have a luer fitting. Vetnet supply the Arder syringe in 10ml and Arder syringe 20ml. It is Vetnet's pride to supply quality in syringes.

248129 (2ml), 248136 (3ml), 206595 (5ml), 206600 (10ml), 206629 (20ml), 206638 (50ml) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 50ml luer disposable syringes. Vetnet supply it for you.

201230 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the 20ml Lumex syringe. It is a Nylon syringe. Vetnet supply the washers for the Lumex syringe to repair it.

201081 (15gx½"), 201133 (15gx¾"), 201198 (15gx1"), 201259 (15gx1½"), 201300 (16gx½"), 201365 (16gx¾"), 201417 (16gx1"), 201462 (16gx1½"), 201523 (17gx½"), 201532 (17gx¾"), 201541 (17gx1"), 20155

201800 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Phillips 25ml Pour-On Applicator with a lightweight design. This 25ml Pour-on applicator is designed for Cypermethrin and other pour-on products. It is very easy to clean accessible valves and very cost

200609 (Luer Fitting) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the 50ml Europlex Plastic Gun Syringe. This Europlex 50ml is a luer-Lock cone. The plastic is unbreakable and so the barrel. The Europlex can be sterilize in 130°C water and 160°C hot a

201124 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the 10ml Lumex syringe. It is a Nylon syringe. Vetnet supply the washers for the Lumex syringe to repair it.

243980 Vetnet supply the Ferromatic 5ml from Henke Sass Wolf Automatic self-filling syringe for injections. Metal/Glass version. Durable piston rod. Easy to assemble/dismantle for servicing. Medication bottles can be replaced quickly and easily (5

201830 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Phillips 50ml Semi-Auto syringe that is suitable for: cattle pig and sheep. Cost effective construction to save you money. Build in needle magazine to save users time. Easy choice of 5 fixed dose setti

202731 Syringe Roux VET-MATIC 10ml Henke Vetnet supply the Syringe Roux 10ml VET-MATIC Henke, that is metal syringe with a glass barrel. The VET-MATIC self-filling syringe is is designed for continuous use.  The syringe ca

200219 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Phillips syringe 5ml Vaccinator that is suitable for:  Cattle, Pigs and Sheep.  This syringe is robust and highly accurate designed.  It can administers a variety of vaccines and have a

248130   Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the  Phillips 10ml syringe that is suitable for:  Cattle, Pigs and Sheep.  It has a robust and highly accurate design and have a clear cylinder for e

201124 (10ml) ,  201230 (20ml) ,  201189 (10ml washers),  201295 (20ml washers) Vetnet supply the Lumex syringes in 10ml and 20ml dosages.  This syringe is a quality syringe with replaseable washers that are also availible at V
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