205095 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Peccary Introducer that a metal product and high in quality and ideal to supply easy.

205323 (Nr.3), 205332 (Nr.2), 205341 (Nr.3) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply 3 different sizes in bells. Nr 1, 2, and 3. This is a metal bell that is a durable and quality bell. Nr.1 bell is for Goats and sheep, Nr. 2 Bells for Calfs and Nr

248145 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the large Examination gloves that is a Evergreen product. It is a natural Latex examination glove. This Gloves is a Hypoallergenic, Talc & Starch green, Excellent sensitivity and Low protein level. The

202721 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the sheep counters. This sheep counter is affordable and high quality and imported. It is a metal product that have a little grip piece. It is an easy way to count your animals. 4 Digits, counts 0-9999, Ch

229326 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the insemination gloves in boxes of 100. This is single use sleeves. If, despite our quality control inspections, this product should prove to be defective, please return it to the retailer, specify

200090 Vetnet Veterinary suppliers supply the Trocar that have a black handle and stainless steel point. This Trocar is sharp and unique for the use to deflated a cattle.

202800 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Weight band. This is a yellow weight band. This VE-BO comic measuring tape is for direct measuring of live weight of pigs and cattle using same measuring tape. Very strong and reliable woven fiberglass

204808 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the rubber and Metal Curry-Comb. This is a quality curry-comb that is ideal for horses or any animal.
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