Ventet Code:  204686  (each) Barcode:  6001773000499 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the cadac gas Dehorner that is produced by Cadac. Spare parts on this dehorner that can be replaced is only the Nozzle that is availible at Vet

Vetnet code:   248123  (each) Barcode:  245123K Vetnet supply the dehorner stone cutters. A 42cm. Quality dehorner with a handle that is very comfortable on you're hand. It is a imported dehorner, sharp and durab

Vetnet Code:  248124  (each) Barcode:   248124L Vetnet supply the Dehorner Spoon that are used to cut a horn between 3 month and 6 months on calf's. After the horn is remove, brand the animals horn with a Hot Dehorning Iro

Vetnet Code:   204677 (Heavy)  (each) Vetnet Code:   204688 (Medium)  (each) Vetnet supplies 2 different sizes of Dehorning irons, heavy and medium.  These dehorning irons are used in a fire and then b

200886 (Clipper), 200947 (Blades), 200992 (Handles) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Keystone dehorner that is a quality and performanc Dehorner. This handles on the Keystone is designed for ht e usein vonfined area such as cattle chates, et

200715 (Wire),  200021 (Handles) Vetnet Veterinary suppliers supply the Dehorning wire in a 10m role. This wire do have their own handles that are supplied in sets of 2. The wire is a quality wire.

200886 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Dehorner Keystone cutter with there replaceable blades. This blades is availible at Vetnet in a set. Vetnet Veterinary Suplliers verskaf die Onthoring knipper Keystone se lemme apart in 'n stel. Di
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