Vetnet Code:  200095 (230mm), Vetnet Code:  200096 (400mm), Vetnet Code:  200097 (450mm) Vetnet supply the Aesculaps Bloodless Castrators. There is no difference in the quality of the Aesculap and the Burdizzo castrators, as

248149 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Verbozze castrators that is used on horses and pigs. To castrate pigs this is the best castrate on the market. There is a 270mm Verbozze Castrator.

205875 (100's), 205866 (500'S) Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Kastrek Castrating rings in boxes of 100 and 500. This is a quality ring that is manufactured in South Africa and this rings have been thoroughly tested and constrict firmly and

200352 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Castrating Ring applicator that is used to apply the Kastrek rings. It is also use to detail a lambs tail. This is a quality Castrating Applicator for rings.

205867 Vetnet Veterinary Suppliers supply the Leader Lamb castrating rings that is a leader rubber ring that is designed for use on calves no older than 2 weeks and lambs and goats no older than 30 days. The younger the animal the better. Applicat
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